Sustainability, Innovation, Integration, Equality and Inclusivity

About Me

I am a father, a husband for 16 years, a family man. I am a young professional, environmentalists and I consider myself a person with vision for a better future for Aruba. A future without a landfill at Parkietenbos, a future where our hotels and homes have access to the most efficient technology to cool and power them while lowering the high costs of utility services that we have, a future where Aruba will become a Caribbean hub of innovation and technology strengthening our educational institutions.

I was born and raised in Colombia. When I was 18 years old I decided to travel and live around the world. I studied for my Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Florida in the US where I graduated magna cum laude with reserach on an innovative water desalination system. It was there that I met my wife, our curiosity and interest in finding innovative solutions for the large challenges in our world took us to many different countries, among others France where our daughter was born and the Netherlands where I studied a Masters in Science in Sustainable Energy Technologies at the TU Delft. There I started a company inspired in finding sustainable solutions for Aruba and other small islands of the world. For over 10 years already I have been working hard on solving water, energy and waste issues with a focus in moving towards a Circular Economy. I have worked in developing new technology and I consult regularly for different governments and companies around the world on sustainability solutions including representing the islands of the Dutch Kingdom at UN conferences on waste management and energy.
You could say I’m a little bit from everywhere, ik spreek alle talen die op Aruba worden gesproken, amo a Colombia, but it is here in Aruba that I feel at home. I’m Colombian, I am Dutch, I am Caribbean but above all in my heart I am Arubian.

I have lived and traveled around the world and it is here in Aruba that I feel safe, I feel relaxed and where I know that we can become an example to the world in how a sustainable society and economy should be formed. For that to happen we all need to believe it is possible and that, yes, we can have a public sector that is strong and reliable. That’s why I am joining Accion21, we have learned from the past and look towards the future with a focus on sustainable development of our island.

I come into Accion to ensure that my daughter and all other children of Aruba can grow up in a place where they can walk freely without fear of being robbed or mistreated. A place where they will have the opportunity of getting the best education possible, not just intellectually but emotionally as well. A place where when I am retired, my grandchildren won’t have to worry about the adverse effects of Climate Change like storms or rising sea levels that Aruba has yet to know and that they can live on this beautiful rock in the Caribbean surrounded by our beautiful nature with clean oceans and abundant and healthy flora and fauna.

Let’s take action together for our Aruba!

Thank you for your support!